Simple Steps to Passive Crypto Income

1. Download TronLink via Google Play or Apple APPs Store

2. Purchase 3K to 10K tron (TRX) via or other exchanges like Have the TRX placed in your Tronlink Wallet.' '.

3.Once funded find Assets in the wallet menu and click the + to add coin /token UME to monitor and hold in the TronLink Pro Wallet app 

4. copy and Place the following link in the Dapp browser

5. Chose Exchange from the menu for I recomend your first holding be TRX/UME pairs. Trade 40 percent of your TRX for UME. You will need extra TRX for gas/fees.

6.To provide the TRX/UME pair find the link in the menu Liquity, now click Add Liquity change bottom menu to UME and click max this should automactly place the corret amount of TRX in the top section.

7. Now find Staking in the menu click the down arrow for the TRX/UME pair.Click stake then click Max to lock in your new passive income pair of TRX/UME. Also farming you more free UME to pair with other tokens in the future '.